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Our Learning Programs

At re.FASHION ACADEMY, our courses transcend the conventional fashion education experience. We strive to empower you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, surpassing the basics. Embrace new frontiers, challenge norms, and redefine the industry. Our world combines innovation with creativity, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

From entry-level courses to certified professional education options, we provide a comprehensive range of opportunities to support your growth and development.

Featured Courses: Discover some of our course highlights.

Crash course on the topic for those who don't know what sustainability & fashion is yet.  What is this PPP or SDG's? 

Fashion & Sustainability - What's the fuzz about?

40 EUR

A broad view on how web3 and metaverse create opportunities for production, retail, communication, loyalty and brand building.

Innovation with Web3 & Metaverse

40 EUR

This course is an introduction to circular fashion design. The aim is to provide you with a holistic understanding of circular design namely through social, design, and technical perspectives.

Circular Fashion Design Module 1

60 EUR

An exploration of the future with one of the world's foremost trend forecasters, Li Edelkoort. This webinar will dive deep into the world of trends and provide a unique glimpse into SS 25. 

Spring / Summer 2025 Fashion, Textiles & Colour by Li Edelkoort

250 EUR

Legal requirements of the LkSG for a risk analysis, Structure of a risk analysis, as well as practical examples and more

Risk analysis for the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG): requirements, implementation, ...

280 EUR

Learn how to deal with your team in a modern leadership style.

Leadership begins from within - Basic Training with Focus on Self-Empathy and Self-Reflection

195 EUR


Let's recreate, reestablish & refashion our industry together








You want to book multiple classes or need to pay via your purchasing department and bank transfer? Or you would like to request special courses? Get in touch with our team

About the Academy

Introducing re.FASHION ACADEMY, a platform dedicated to transforming fashion education. Discover a diverse array of webinars, seminars, podcasts, masterclasses, and eLearning, all thoughtfully designed for the fashion sector.

Our aim is to create an inclusive and accessible space for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Regardless of your location, our digital platform connects individuals worldwide, fostering a global community of trailblazers.

We invite you to embark on this journey of growth and learning together with re.FASHION ACADEMY. After all, innovation knows no boundaries, and we are eager to accompany you on this transformative path.

Our Partners for inspring knowledge


Our easy-entry courses with expert speakers providing approximately 45 minutes of digital interaction. For flexible learning, we also have our on-demand webinars without speaker interaction.


Discover our advanced seminars fostering more interaction and knowledge sharing. We will host our seminars across different locations but also online. These courses last between 2 to 8 hours.


Our Masterclasses are a collection of Webinars and/or Seminars thoughtfully conducted over time. These sessions present unique chances to acquire profound knowledge, receive coaching support, and benefit from carefully crafted knowledge transfer.


In early 2024 we’re thrilled to introduce our diverse eLearning options. Our self-paced educational formats allow participants to choose topics of interest and gain knowledge through expert-designed digital courses.


Coming in Spring 2024, we are excited to present our complimentary Podcast series. Join us for engaging conversations with distinguished experts in their respective fields and notable individuals with unique insights.

Why people believe in the re.FASHION ACADEMY

“The courses re.FASHION ACADEMY is launching with is impressive. There is a wide range of topics. Can't wait till the full extent of their programs is published.”

"I like how re.FASHION ACADEMY take an unconventional approach in education. I took part in many Fashion Council Germany webinars during Covid and am looking forward to their new platform."

“Connecting the industry over various course formats enables us not only to learn from each other but with each other.”

"I appreciate the direct contact and exchange with other participants and the speaker. Fashion Council Germany has perfected the networking opportunities within their projects”

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